What is One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made?

“Don't leave the window open for excuses…This is my body.
By True Core
True Core
What is One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made?

“Don't leave the window open for excuses…This is my body. This is my God-given body, and I want to stick around. You only get one.”

It’s easy to fall out of our routines and suddenly find ourselves going days, months, even years without stepping foot in a gym or focusing on our nutrition. True Core can help re-establish healthy habits to get you back on track!

Jayson Williams is a father of three, a husband, and a former collegiate athlete who has always enjoyed sports. Here, he reveals what changed in him after he joined the True Core community.

Before joining True Core, Jayson was a high school football coach, following his days as a college football player. He had always thought of fitness in terms of being bigger, quicker, and stronger. His only concern for nutrition was eating whatever he could get his hands on! Then, when he became a father, he really stopped focusing on his health.

Jayson has historically struggled to commit to himself, often making excuses and just feeling unmotivated. Then True Core stepped in. Once he became a member, he realized that he wanted a different kind of life. He started to attend classes regularly and focus on eating well, before he knew it, he became a new person, crushing goals he never imagined were achievable:

“I decided I was gonna run a mile. And then, my mile turned into three and then three turned into eight, and next thing you know, I'm running half marathons.”

Jayson's mental and spiritual health has even improved because of True Core! He is sleeping better and feeling more peaceful at home. True Core helped him decide to begin meditating and doing daily devotionals.

Jayson sums up his True Core testimony simply:

“For those who are hesitant, just walk in. Just walk in the door and take that first step.” - Jayson Williams

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