What Is The Best Plan To Lose Fat and Not Bulk Up?

Almost everybody wants to lose fat.
By True Core
True Core
What Is The Best Plan To Lose Fat and Not Bulk Up?

Almost everybody wants to lose fat. And many people are concerned with "bulking up." So that begs the question, what is the best plan to lose fat and not bulk up?The best way to burn fat, is to do high-intensity training (HIIT). This is because the "high intensity" aspect burns more calories while working out. But not only that, but it triggers your body keeps melting fat away for HOURS after training has stopped.There is also microscopic muscle tearing that occurs during high intensity interval training. This leads to greater caloric burn during recovery too because the body has to "rebuild" while it rests. Continuing to melt fat in the process.Sometimes people think long distance training such as running or biking would be the better way go to. The problem with LSD (long slow distance) is it tends to also break down muscle mass as a fuel source. Leaving the body depleted after training."But won't I get too bulky by training with HIIT?" No not the case at all. "Bulking up" usually only comes in a certain bodybuilding type of training programs. In those workouts you will find lots of sets & lots of repetitions. When a person trains using HIIT that high repetition is not the goal. Rather a short burst of intense work are used to shred fat.Finding a program the utilizes HIIT style training will be the best shred those stubborn pounds while staying lean & tones. True Core has several different program offer that fit this description. Setup a time to develop the best plan for you!

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