What is the Hack to Build Muscle Fast?

How do I build muscle? What workout should I be doing?
By True Core
True Core
What is the Hack to Build Muscle Fast?

How do I build muscle?What workout should I be doing?What should my diet look like?How can I get result FAST?These are all typical questions many of our members have when the first join.First let me tell you WHY it is important to add muscle to your body composition:1) More Muscle = Higher Resting Metabolic RateYour resting metabolic rate is the rate at which you burn calories on essential body functions, such as breathing, organ function, and blood circulation while you are awake.It accounts for 60–75% of the calories you burn daily. By adding muscle mass to your body, your RMR actually increase! Three pounds of added muscles increases your RMR by 7%, therefore your increasing daily calorie requirement by 15%!2) More Muscle = Better Skeletal Support Each one of our limbs has a required about of support it needs. That support is based off the weight of limb, as well as the range of motion demand placed on it. For example your leg is going to need much more muscular support then your arm, since it literally carries the entire body around all day. Have you ever compared the size of a hamstring to a bicep?!?! Increasing muscle mass not only aids in daily function of each body segment, it also decrease the likely hood of injury. Increase muscle mass = increase stabilityINCREASING MUSCLE MASS This can be done through various different ways. However, there are two umbrella categories they all fall under, exercise & nutrition.1) ExerciseThis category is mainly going to be describing types of movements and training regimes to bolster muscle growth. The BEST ANSWER is WEIGHT TRAINING. When an individual participates in resistance training the body is forced to adapt and change. This happens because microscopic tears occur in the muscle fiber. These tears are not a negative thing, but rather the body's way of promoting growth. When those tears heal the muscle group becomes stronger, thicker, denser, and more stable. All things influencing the size of the muscle.That is one of the reason weight training is such an integral part of our program at True Core. We have witnessed people completely transform their body as a result of weekly resistance training.2) Nutrition What you feed yourself is just as important as the workout routine you do. It is impossible to add muscle mass to body without the proper fuel source being provided. A body needs the correct macronutrients if it is going to heal those microscopic muscle tears and put on mass. A person needs to be consuming the right amounts of proteins to help rebuild. At True Core we offer aFree Nutriton Consultationto all our members as well as anyone outside our gym! Its a great opportunity to meet one-on-one and get some specific guidance for your body type and goals.Adding muscle at first can seem confusing. But when you have the right guidance & support it becomes almost easy! We would love to help you along this journey! 

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