What is the Pride of Being a True Core Family Member?

When I became a trainer, I felt everything had finally ‘clicked’ for the first time in my life.
By True Core
True Core
What is the Pride of Being a True Core Family Member?

When I became a trainer, I felt everything had finally ‘clicked’ for the first time in my life. I was on a mission to help others rise above their own pains and struggles and become their best and healthiest selves, like I did. I wanted to find a gym that not only mirrored that but also implemented and showcased it on a daily basis. It’s one thing to have pretty words on paper but quite another to put those pretty words into action, and to BELIEVE in them.

One of the main reasons why I left the big box gym I started at was because I didn’t see this. At. All. There was no team unit. The trainers only looked out for themselves and did little to help their peers. It was a highly competitive environment because they wanted clients. There was no real connection between them either. The interactions were at times cold, stoic, and impersonal. That NEVER made sense to me! I wanted to get away from that type of toxicity. I interviewed at a few more gyms and was met with the same result. Truthfully, the experience made me become somewhat disillusioned.

Then I came to True Core. I remember breathing a sigh of relief and saying to myself, “YES! FINALLY!” FINALLY, there was a place that had a cohesive team unit. FINALLY, there was a place that matched my beliefs. FINALLY, there was a place where the coaches exhibited genuine love, care, and PRIDE for what they do and for those they coach. I knew right then and there that this is where I was meant to be after all those long, winding roads and detours. They say a job is no longer a job if you truly love doing it. I honestly didn’t think that was true until I came here. Why? Because I believe in everything True Core stands for. I believe we can help people change their lives for the better. I believe in the amazing coaches I’m honored and privileged to work with and learn from. I take an incomparable and an immeasurable sense of pride in doing what I do, so much so that I find myself wanting to go higher and wanting to achieve more personally and professionally. I love coaching others and helping them become healthier and stronger, no matter where they are in life. I love getting to know them and hearing about how they got here. I believe that while a person may be strong on their own, a community provides strength in bigger numbers. I see members come in and give it their all and be so proud of themselves afterward because they did something they couldn’t quite do the week before or just attempted something in a workout that they normally backed away from. I hear and see others along with the coaches, cheer them on and motivate them to get that last rep. The pride they show in themselves and their own capabilities is highly contagious and addicting.

True Core, at its true core, is all about community, fitness, health, and allowing yourself to be who you were meant to be. How could you NOT take pride in being part of that?!

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