What is the Vision of True Core?

So far this week we have talk to you about:
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What is the Vision of True Core?

So far this week we have talk to you about:1) Coach Shannon's "Why"2) The True Core "Why"And today we are going to clarify our vision. Why we exist. What we want to accomplish.Our vision at True Core is:To empower people to lead healthier lifestylesWhat the heck does this mean??? Healthier lifestyles? Well that sounds a little vague….We specifically chose each word in our vision statement for a reason. For a purpose. For a guiding compass for our staff and our members.1) Empower – “give someone the authority or power to do something:”We don’t just want to teach you. We don’t just want to guide you. We want to EMPOWER you. We want to give you the tools to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, both inside and outside the gym. We have seen countless lives improved by the self-confidence gained through our programs. That is the real reason behind why we do what we do.2) Healthier – “possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality”We love this definition because it incorporates BOTH the physical & mental. Health is not your pant size. It is not how many abs you can see in the mirror (although that can be a nice benefit). Health is a good general condition of the entire body; body, mind & spirit. We choose the word “healthier’ because it has no end point. We don’t want our members ever to settle. Ever to become complacent or stagnant. You have 7% body fat, awesome! How is your mental state? How stressed do you feel? Are you incorporating any meditation or self-care? How can we improve your current quality of life?3) Lifestyles – “the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, etc., that constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.”Our programs are not a fad. Our mission is not temporary. Our focus on health & wellness isn't just a 21 day challenge….. We change lives. We have a lasting effect. Our members continually walk out of our doors happier then when they walked in.This is a way of life. And we believe is a pretty amazing one.Want to get started changing our life? Click here to setup a free appointment with us today!

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