What’s the Hardest Part of Getting Fit?

What’s the hardest part of getting fit?
By True Core
True Core
What’s the Hardest Part of Getting Fit?

What’s the hardest part of getting fit?We all have hurdles and challenges when it comes to our fitness.Time. Motivation. Knowledge.These are some of the top ones we hear from our members. But in our opinion none of those are the hardest...We believe the hardest to simply be taking the first step. Showing up. Walking inthe door. Up until this point there is not a lot support and encouragement to help you overcome your fears of getting started.However, at True Core we make the process as easy and welcoming as possible!1) All interested individuals get an personalized phone call from us within 5 mins. We want to hear why you reached out, what your fitness goals might be, and how we can best help!2) Our Free Intro Session is individually setup to meet your needs, interests, and time constraints. Sit down 1-on-1 with one of our certified coaches to develop the best plan for you. No matter your background, experience level, or age we guarantee we have a program perfect for you. Get you started in a risk free judgement free environment all about you!3) All members start with their own personalized plan. This ensures propersafety, comfortability, and long term success. Members works 1-on-1 with a coach to develop proper safety and technique. Working closely with our staff allows all members to have built in motivation, encouragement, & support. You never have to figure out what to do or why. Thats why you pay us!The hardest part of getting fit is taking the first step. True Core never makes you do this alone. Or anything alone for that matter. Setup a free session with us today to start living your best life! We promise you won't regret it!

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