Why CrossFit?

Last weekend I was at a family gathering and I was asked the question that all Crossfitters and Crossfit coaches receive at least 50 times which is
By True Core
True Core
Why CrossFit?

Last weekend I was at a family gathering and I was asked the question that all Crossfitters and Crossfit coaches receive at least 50 times which is, “Why CrossFit? I have been told it is unsafe.” As per normal, I try to answer the question in a constructive manner that highlights the functionality and community aspect of CrossFit. As I drove home from the event it started a conversation in my mind and my blog topic today - Why CrossFit and why True Core. 

Let me first say, this is not a sales pitch to Crossfit nor am I intending for anyone to grab a glass of the cool aide. This is my account of the passion I have as a coach and washed-up semi-decent crossfitter of why I believe that Crossfit is one of the greatest tools to help us live a longer, healthier, and happier life, whilst in a safe and friendly community. 

Crossfit - “Constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity.” (Crossfit.com 2012 Youtube Channel)

Whether you are walking into True Core or following an online program, what you will find is that each WOD (workout of the day) is different to the next. Not only are you altering movements daily, but the programming is designed to increase cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and endurance, enhance mental and physical confidence, create measurable results, and become more educated in your physical capacity. Sounds great right?...well it is. You are changing your workout every day (decreasing boredom), you get to work out on different aspects of your body, try new movements, AND do workouts you never dreamed you could (mental strength). 

So for those of you still reading who maybe are not a member of TC (or are), or are wondering about trying it I hear you say, “Ok that's great! Crossfit is cool, but why True Core?” Well, let me tell you my reason (deep breath... exhale). True Core saved my life. Yes, you read that right, that is a fact. What is cooler than that is that True Core is home to an amazing community of humans that train together, however that is just the surface. Upon arriving in Annapolis I weighed 95lbs and was in a pretty cr@p spot (to say the least). I remember arriving and instantly being welcomed, not with just a hi but an actual ‘hello’, the warm hello you get as you arrive at a family event. You get instantly acquainted with people of all ages, beliefs, professions, and goals, and get to work out and be friends with them. You get to train hard, collapse after a workout, and laugh together. You throw down, cheer, crush partner WODs, attend weddings, and know that if you are in a rough spot you can go to True Core and be greeted by a real smile, and if you need a hug from someone, one of our superhumans that just gets you, will see you and know. You get to train on a Monday afternoon in one of the late classes and then have a dance party because well, who doesn't dance after a crazy WOD? I could go on and on, and in true transparency, I don't need to because all you have to do is walk through the door (or bay door in the summer) and feel it. 

What a gift True Core Crossfit is. A place for all, a box that trains hard and loves all, an affiliate that was able to raise $10,000 during a pandemic to give back to communities that were in need, a gym where goals are reached daily, a workout floor where an Ohio state athlete and our adaptive athletes train alongside one another, a CrossFit that has a coaching staff that goes above and beyond to create the best environment for all and an owner who continuously ensures the culture evolves and continues. 

It’s pretty freaking cool if you ask me and something I am extremely grateful for! 

Coach Joanna

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