Why Do we Do CrossFit Open?

It’s that time again. For the next five Saturdays...
By True Core
True Core
Why Do we Do CrossFit Open?

It’s that time again. For the next five Saturdays, True Core will compete with the rest of the world in specific workouts that are programmed by CrossFit HQ. Five weeks, five workouts designed to test everything that CrossFit has to offer. For some athletes, this is the first step in making the CrossFit Games. For most athletes (hundreds of thousands) it is a fun way to test ourselves, show off the work we have been putting in, and cheer for the people that we train with daily. This will be my 5th CrossFIt Open and it is something I look forward to every year. If you have never competed in the Open or haven’t yet signed up yet, you are missing out for three major reasons.Surprise Yourself- For the most part, we all seek comfort. Comfort is easy, comfort is safe. Nothing bad happens when we are comfortable. The problem is that nothing happens at all. There is no change that can happen when we are comfortable. That’s why we come to CrossFit, to embrace being uncomfortable. That uncomfortable feeling in the middle of a WOD is not only our bodies changing but also our mindset, our attitude, and our confidence. Let’s take that a step further. For five weeks, we will go a little faster, heavier, or with a new/harder scale. We will be surprised with how fit and capable we truly are.Motivate Yourself- At some point we all will lose motivation. Fatigue, whether it be from training or general life, sets in and we are not as excited to workout as we once were. We find ourselves skipping the workouts we don’t like and sometimes looking for excuses to not show up. The Open has a unique way to bring that motivation back. The environment of having people judge/watch/cheer for you is contagious with positivity, camaraderie, and drive. Use these WODs and our community to set new goals, build new relationships, and find that motivation we all need form time to time.Celebrate Yourself- Why are WE doing The Open? Because WE can. We have the ability to compete with each other. We have the ability to push ourselves and support each other. We have the ability to finish workouts and perform movements that are by no means standard. Not everyone has this unique ability or the platform to display it. Competing in the open is a way for us to celebrate how far we have come, where we are now, and where we want to be in the future.To Sign up for the CrossFit Open go to https://games.crossfit.com/MUST SIGN UP BY OCTOBER 14, 2019Once you have registered, talk with a coach, Aline Wetzel, or Kevin Asonglefac about joining a team.See you out there!Coach Danny

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