Why does your future health matter? - Dawn Powell’s Success Story

Why does your future health matter?
By True Core
True Core
Why does your future health matter? - Dawn Powell’s Success Story
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Why does your future health matter? What about the health of those who come after you, like your children and grandchildren? We all know that we need to take care of ourselves and our families. The way to do this is through eating right, exercising regularly, and having an overall healthy lifestyle. One step at a time can get you closer than ever before! It doesn't matter how big the goal may seem - just starting is all it takes.  

Dawn's journey at True Core began in early 2018 when she was 58 years old. She would describe her dedication as one of four vital spokes on the wheel that keeps her moving forward in health, productivity, and joy/satisfaction.  (Those four spokes are Family, Friends, Faith/Church, and Physical Health.)

In terms of physical health, she was fortunate to grow up in a family that valued movement and exercise. On any given day, athletics and recreation were high on the list of preferred hobbies and outings. Dawn and her husband Dean continued the family tradition of sports, camping, and outdoor play with their five children.

As the kids grew and their activities expanded, her physical activities had to take a back seat. She never stopped moving, but there are only so many hours in the day, and raising five children necessarily involves her being present in their lives almost every minute. As the kids were finally settling into their adult lives, the toll of sacrificial mothering was showing in her by the age of 57. Dawn's doctor warned her in 2017 about the dangers of being overweight, which has been a constant battle for her. She primarily had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, with a few other issues lining up right behind it. So Dawn committed to losing 35 pounds in 2017 and then walked into True Core in 2018.

Dawn has found True Core to be a great source of joy and strength. As an active senior, she has two primary goals in mind. The first is that she wants to stay active and avoid injury. She's already had too many knee surgeries (5), rotator cuff surgeries, sprains, and "pulled" muscles to count, and she's done with it. Her sincere desire now is to be strong enough for daily life, which she refers to as Functional Fitness, including carrying groceries, moving furniture around the house, and assisting Dean in the yard. That can also mean a full day of carrying and playing with her four young grandchildren in North Carolina. Sometimes it's hiking a trail or backflipping off a houseboat at Smith Mountain Lake, which she did several times with her kids just a few years ago, and other times it's giving her all at True Core with the WOD. Over the past nearly four years, she has discovered that committing to True Core strengthens her physical health, one of her four spokes, thus supporting and creating balance with her other three spokes. Sometimes life gets in the way, and her attendance in class deteriorates, but she knows that all she has to do is walk in the door and the coaches will take care of the rest.

Dawn believes that True Core is a place where everyone is welcomed, encouraged, strengthened, and knows your name. All you have to do is show up. 

Change is something that is easily dismissed as impossible. It is challenging to change your entire life, but you can completely transform yourself for the better with the right mindset and actions.

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