Why I Became a Coach?

Rewind 6 years, I was new to the Annapolis area, I hadn’t worked out regularly since college,
By True Core
True Core
Why I Became a Coach?

Rewind 6 years, I was new to the Annapolis area, I hadn’t worked out regularly since college, and I was lost in the gym. If you would have told me in just a couple of years I would be have been a Crossfit Coach, I would have laughed at you. However, here I am today and Crossfit is entwined into every single aspect of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.My coaching journey started much like many other coaches, as an athlete. Throughout my first 18 months of CrossFit, I learned and worked on everything from honing in my air squat to learning how to snatch. After my first box closed, I quickly found another one and almost immediately wanted to get more involved. I got the ball rolling by enrolling in the CrossFit L1 course . While earning my L1 allowed me to coach, a certificate did not make me ready to coach. I still had much to learn and I needed to grow as an individual.As I began shadowing other coaches, I immediately knew I had a few things to work on. To be honest, coaching transformed me as a person. I have not always been the most confident individual. When I first started coaching that lack of confidence showed. However, if I was going to deliver the level of coaching that was expected, I had to put myself out there. Thanks to the inspiration I draw from every single athlete I come across, I am glad to say I am more confident in every aspect of my life.Although I work a typical 9-5, my true passion shines when I get to help you all become the BEST version of YOU. When I put that coach’s shirt on, I get excited that I have a chance to help each one of you be better than yesterday. As a coach we get to help you all achieve things that on day one, you didn’t even realize was possible. Believe me when I say, coaches get just as excited about your PRs as you do, if not even more so!There is no other industry that creates the community that Crossfit does. This community is what has allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to be successful as a coach. This community is what has kept me wanting to learn, kept me wanting to get better, kept me interested in giving my best every single day. This community is what made me want to be a coach, it has made me the coach and I am today, and it makes me want to be a better coach tomorrow.Coach Steve

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