Why Lifting Weights will not Make me Bulky?

We hear this all the time....."but weights make me bulky.
By True Core
True Core
Why Lifting Weights will not Make me Bulky?

We hear this all the time....."but weights make me bulky." But is that REALLY the case??As you may or may not know there are 3 main body types: ectomorph endomorph mesomorphEctomorph- your typical "tall & lean," individuals. These lucky ones tend to not gain weight easily and will see great results with by training big muscle groups together.Endomorph - what we often hear referred to as "short & stocky." These individuals have a harder time losing fat but see amazing results with high intensity workouts.Mesomorph- the societal standard of "athletic" body type - naturally strong, can put on weight easily, and has great results with weight training.No matter what category you might fall into, CrossFit training fits your needs!  True Core programingutilizes multiple large muscle group during all workouts. The high intensity stye of our training allows large amounts of work to get done in a time efficient manner. Structuring weight training into our program helps to increase muscle definition and bone density.BUT IT WON'T MAKE YOU BULKY! Here is why.....Muscle mass is largely influenced by the number of repetitions completed. The higher the rep count the greater the "pump." This is what you see with typical body builders. They easily do 6-10 sets with 15+ repetitions to increase muscle size (referred to as hypertrophy). That would be around hundred 50 repetitions done JSUT FOR or a single movement, single body part, asingle exercise. You never see that True Core.Our workouts utilize efficiency, getting you the best fat burning Results possible in the least amount time.This within itself is a completecontradiction to the conditions needed for extreme hypertrophy.Also as you combine cardiovascular work, such as running rowingor biking, produced hormones actually travel through the entire bodyinstead of staying in thelocalized "pump' area. This kind of hormone flow create positive change from head to toe.True Core combines the best aspects of all types of fitness training.You will see cardio, gymnastics,& weight training, allgrouped together in a nice little package to burn fat, increasemetabolic rate, & make you lean mean. But not bulky;)Don't take our word for it, check out our wonderful success stories. See how "bulky" our members really are.Try it out for one month, If you don't like your results we'll cancel your membership. No problem. But we know you will fall in love with it, Just like the rest of our True Core CrewCoach Shannon

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