Why True Core do not Classpass, Punch Cards, Free Week Trials etc?

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Why  True Core do not Classpass, Punch Cards, Free Week Trials etc?


Hey guys Coach Shannon here at True Core in Annapolis, Maryland and I want to take a second and talk to you a little bit about why we don't do punch cards, classpass, free week trails etc.

Thought behind a punch card is that you purchase a card or something like a 10 class pass and you can use those 10 classes as you see fit. Our experience with the punch cards at True Core has been is twofold:

1) Our members don't use all 10 classes in the 90 day limit and it expires. Then they've actually wasted money because they didn't get their full 10 classes in and now they need to purchase a new punch card. It's just it's not worth it for them because they end up spending more money they if the had a regular membership.

2) By using a punch card, members don't come consistently enough to actually see change and progress toward their goal.

At True Core our number one goal is to help you achieve you personalized goal. For some people it's weight loss, for others is strength or flexibility. But no matter the goal, CONSISTENCY is the greatest influencing factor.

So here's the thing about a punch card versus a training program.....With a punch card however, people tend to jump around from program to program. Go to this gym on Monday & Wednesday. They try this group class on Saturday. Join that running group on Tuesday's. There is no way to actually MEASURE and DETERMINE where progress could be coming from. What is working, and what is not. They is no clearly defined consistency towards their goal. Instead they often end up feeling discouraged because they have not made the progress they hoped for.

With a training program, like the ones we individually design for every single one of our members, there is a set timeline, outline goal, & tangible action steps. A person follow a set guide that allows them to actually TRACK their progress. There is a built in system of checks and balances to ensure they are moving in the right direction. Success if far more likely when someone has the guidance and consistency that a train plan offers.

At True Core we are in this for the long game - to empower people to live healthier lives.  This requires time and consistency. Punch cards contradict our mission. We want to give you our very best, so we can help you achieve yours.  

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