Why True Core have Different Individual Programs?

We have all had gym memberships. We have all tried to "get healthier." We have all set New Year resolutions.
By True Core
True Core
Why True Core have Different Individual Programs?

We have all had gym memberships. We have all tried to "get healthier." We have all set New Year resolutions. And at some point we have all realized we weren't making progress. That whatever cookie cutter approach we were taking to our fitness, wasn't working.That is because fitness isn't a one size fits all. At least not if you want any real lasting change. A program you can still be doing into your 60's. A routine that has stuck around long enough to inspire you and produce real growth.People change. People age. People move. People are never static. Fitness goals should never be static either. What might work for you in 2020 may lose your interest come 2021. So why are people still signing up for $30 "fitness programs" that leave them feeling more defeated then when they started?Well because no one has told them, there is a better option. A plan that actually works! A community, an environment, a program that will change as they do. A proven system that can guarantee their success, yet still adapting and changing as they do.We are telling you there is another way! There is an option based specifically around YOUR personality, YOUR strengths, YOUR weakness, YOUR schedule, YOUR equipment and pretty much anything else of yours you can think of....At True Core all members get a program designed around them. New clients go through our No Sweat Intro, where we develop the best individualized program for them. It might be group classes. It might be 1-on-1 training. It might be virtual coaching. It might nutrition coaching. Or it could even be stress management coaching. It often times is a combination of at least two of these things.We take the time to get to know you. To set you up for the best success based around your lifestyle. This is the case for all our current membership as well. Every 90 days we meet with our clients. We touch basis about previous plans we developed, and goals we outlined. We determine what is working and whats not, and WHY. Then we plan the path forward for the next 90 days. All while taking objective measurements, such as our InBody machine, so we have scientific data to help us plan our attack plan. If you need to setup your quarterly athlete check-in click here. Our members are not just numbers. They are individuals. People with dreams and struggles. Men, women, & even children looking to improve their lives somehow. We get to know each of them so we an prescribe the best fitness path forward for each of them.Individual coaching is what sets True Core apart of any other gym. Ongoing evaluations, continuous program adaptions, & personal relationships, are all tools we use to provide the very best results possible.Interested in finally making some lasting change in your fitness? Get started today with a free consultation. Coach Shannon

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