Will Crossfit Help with Longevity?

The short answer is YES!
By True Core
True Core
Will Crossfit Help with Longevity?

The short answer is YES! According to Crossfit’s founder Greg Glassman “loads and intensity can be modified—or scaled—so the same program can improve fitness with Olympians, grandparents and everyone in between. The principles of the program stay the same, but the application is 100 percent individualized.” Nowhere is that more true than at True Core where we have programs ranging from Crossfit Kids to athletes over the age of 65 in our daily WOD classes.As shown in the chart below, over 20% of True Core Crossfit’s athletes are over the age of 45.

Rather than inserting my knowledge of how Crossfit allows you to live a longer, more independent, and active life, I decided to reach out to our membership and ask some of our more experienced athletes how Crossfit has helped turn back time.Elizabeth del Castillo – being strong enough to help my husband lift stuff in the shop or help load things in the truck is fun!  I love not being some weak old lady that can’t help him out.We love to pick things up and put them down!Robert Holt – I’ll be turning 60 this year, but I don’t feel it and really think I don’t look it other than the gray hair. (I probably don’t act it Lol). But I think the idea of working out with a younger crowd that pushes me and the workouts that not only pushes my body but my mind has aided in my longevity.   I think the greatest joy is to see my friends started or starting to workout.Surrounding yourself with a great community helps keep the mind and the body going. Luckily for us Robert keeps the entire gym on their toes and of course he’s got the Old Man Strength!Seth Wenig -- Look I don’t know what the secret to longevity is, what I know is I started working out at 28 and have made it a priority ever since.  I try and do something every day, whether it is crossfit, spin class, or just walking.  It’s most important to move.  My Mom is 82 years old and plays tennis every day.  It keeps her going and youthful.  She never sits.  True Core pushes me in ways that I could have never imagined and the advice from the coaches who have come to know me is spot on.  If they see me going for something that might not get me through the WOD they offer great suggestions and scaling.  So I take my advice from one of the other masters at True Core and I am swimming my own race.Swim you own race, one that is the right intensity for YOU. If you follow this piece of advice, you will still be moving when you are 82!Connie Hurley -- CrossFit has had a major impact on my health. I’ve lost around 45 pounds, cut my diabetes and cholesterol medication in half. We have four grandchildren under the age of five and my ability to do things with them because of my increased strength and mobility is amazing.As we age, we can either let our health get the best of us or we can get the best of our health. Crossfit allows us to get and stay healthy for both ourselves and for our loved ones.Dean Powell -- My posture is better. I know how to pick up and lift things and how to sit properly. My body temperature has gone up, which is a good thing. In winters past I have always cold, and that's no longer the case. That helps me to be more energetic, and I am absolutely less tired, which all together means I am more productive both at work and at home. Finally, because our kids do CrossFit, he is really enjoying more interaction with them over activities that we share.Staying active impacts all the aspects of our lives.Dawn Powell -- Let's not kid ourselves...aging is inevitable. I am feeling the effects of being "over the hill". Less mobility, lest ability, slower thinking, some arthritis and some injury in joints and ligaments and muscles. It is inevitable when you live a long life that you begin to feel the decline that comes with age. However...And that is a big word right there... HOWEVER... There are things we can do to slow that process down and contribute greatly to our health and well-being. True Core has been a tremendous help to me these last two years. I do not have the desire or motivation to push myself to do more in the way of cardio, movement, stretching and strength training by myself. Showing up at True Core is all the motivation I need because after walking in the door, the coaching and the camaraderie among classmates creates an amazing environment to push oneself forward. Over the last 2 years all the things that are beginning to decline have at least stabilized if not improved. My mobility is better. My balance and strength are better. My injuries (rotator cuff and knee) are not requiring surgery. It's noticeable.While I contemplated summarizing all of these responses, I do not think I could have said it better myself. At the end of the day, the programming for a 20 year old will mirror that of the programming for a 70 year old, however, the intensity is scaled appropriately. Although Crossfit is not a fountain of youth that stops the process of aging, Crossfit’s ability to teach and strengthen functional fitness will help keep us on our feet as we all continue to fight father time.Coach Steve

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