Will True Core Program Get Me Ready For Beach Season?

With the official start of summer less day 7 days away, beach season is on our minds!
By True Core
True Core
Will True Core Program Get Me Ready For Beach Season?

With the official start of summer less day 7 days away, beach season is on our minds! Yes, things are still a little crazy with the nationwide COVID-19 situation. However lets be honest, virus or no virus, we all want to look good in a swimsuit!So, will True Core's program get you ready for beach season!?! ABSOLUTELY! "Constantly varied, functional movements, preformed at high intensity" that is the definition of CrossFit. But what does that REALLY mean??Well it means every part of you body is used during our workouts. It means everything from your arms, to legs, to abs, to butt, are utilized the most efficient way possible. It means combining movements into patterns that never get boring or mundane. It means seeing results within a month. It means quick effective warmups, workouts, & cool downs, all completed within an hour. It pretty much means the best fitness routine you can imagine. True Core doesn't just utilize CrossFit training to get our member amazing results. Our educated professionally trained staffguide every single client's journey. Every 90 days we sit down with each member and review their progress. We take scientific body composition measurements with our InBody machine. Each client has access to a free nutrition consultation to help them develop healthy eating patterns.We focus on the whole picture. Yes, legally we might be classified as a "gym." But in reality we are one stop shop for all things wellness. Our mission is to empower people to live healthier lifestyles. That is accomplished through fitness for sure. However, it is also achieved through the power of community. Through the support received by individual coaching. Through the camaraderie that comes from completing a partner workout. Don't just take our word for it. Look at the countless member stories who's lives have been changed.Don't live in Annapolis? No problem! We have virtual remote coaching structured around your location, equipment, schedule, & goals. Members of True Core live as far away as Maine & even Florida!There is no better time to take control of your fitness. With warm weather starting, quarantine stir craziness at it's peak, & dreams of beach days right around the corner, what better chance to get those keg abs turned into a six pack!If you were waiting for a billboard sign, well here it is!Setup your free virtual intro session with us TODAY and start living your best beach body ready life! Coach Shannon

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