Joanna King

Joanna King

Head of Training & Operations

Eaglemans 70.3 Finish 2022

Asbury Park 2019 RX Division Female

Jersey Blues SC WPSL

University of Bath BUSA Champions 2010


BSc In Sports Coaching

UEFA B License

About Coach

Ex national level runner and international level soccer player. I moved to the world of Crossfit in 2014 after hanging up my soccer cleats. In 2010 I graduated from the University of Bath with a BSc in Sports Coaching knowing that my desire was to work in the world of coaching once I was no longer able to play sport at an elite level. Sports has always been a passion and still is to this day. Now, I get to split my time between coaching at True Core and training for Triathlons.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

As a coach, my passion is to take individuals to the next level. While working in group classes I prepare classes that will not only help all improve but also be a fun and energetic environment. In addition to Crossfit, I specialize in athlete conditioning. As a conditioning coach, my aim is to enhance athlete performance within the field of play and also assist in making adjustments to their nutrition and sleep. As of July 2022, I am the coach to multiple D1, D2, Big 10, military academy, and international level athletes. The motivation is not just to be their coach inside the gym but to also have a coach and athlete relationship that goes on as long as their career.

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