JoJo King

JoJo King

Chief Operations Officer

Eaglemans 70.3 Finish 2022

Asbury Park 2019 RX Division Female

Jersey Blues SC WPSL

University of Bath BUSA Champions 2010


BSc In Sports Coaching

UEFA B License

Meet Coach

Ex national level runner and international level soccer player. I moved to the world of Crossfit in 2014 after hanging up my soccer cleats. In 2010 I graduated from the University of Bath with a BSc in Sports Coaching knowing that my desire was to work in the world of coaching once I was no longer able to play sport at an elite level. Sports has always been a passion and still is to this day. Now, I get to split my time between coaching at True Core and training for Triathlons.

Turning Point

Motivation and Passion

As a coach, my passion is to take individuals to the next level. While working in group classes I prepare classes that will not only help all improve but also be a fun and energetic environment. In addition to Crossfit, I specialize in athlete conditioning. As a conditioning coach, my aim is to enhance athlete performance within the field of play and also assist in making adjustments to their nutrition and sleep. As of July 2022, I am the coach to multiple D1, D2, Big 10, military academy, and international level athletes. The motivation is not just to be their coach inside the gym but to also have a coach and athlete relationship that goes on as long as their career.

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