Josh Buell

Josh Buell



CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Meet Coach

When I was 14 years old, my youngest brother's soccer coach asked me if I was interested in being his assistant coach. I quickly obliged, and within a few years was coaching my own team with a few friends. And I still coach for the same organization (which I played in many, many years ago) today!. Fast forward to my professional career, and you'll find a history of associate and team building, training, and coaching. See a theme here? After a few years of attending True Core classes, coach Joanna asked me if I was interested in giving CrossFit coaching a try. I told her not until she asked me, and I've onboard ever since!

Turning Point

These days I consider each day a new challenge or turning point. I'm in a competition with myself to be a better athlete, coach, and person than the day prior. Some days progress may feel negligible, but an inch forward beats a step backward.

I take great pride in seeing the soccer teams and players I coach recognize their growth throughout the season. Week-over-week or year-over-year, it doesn't matter to me as long as they can walk away knowing they have improved. That extends to my office job and coaching classes at True Core. When someone does their first pull-up, a barbell movement they previously hadn't been able to, or runs their first mile in years, and I can be just a small part of what helped them, it brings me joy and motivates me to keep pushing myself!

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