Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker

Head Coach

Deadlift 525lbs

Squat 425lbs

Clean and Jerk 275lbs

Snatch 225lbs

20 Unbroken Ring Muscle Ups


Crossfit Level 3

Meet Coach

I was first introduced to Crossfit training while wrestling at South River High School. I was very passionate about following the fitness methodology and influencing others to do the same. I began coaching my friends, family, and anyone that was eager to learn how to do an air squat. What began as a hobby and part-time job has now grown into my career. I am excited to continue my development as a coach while doing my best to have a positive impact on my athletes every day.

Turning Point

Motivation and Passion

I want to give everyone the opportunity to become an independent athlete so they can benefit from exercise and have the ability to enjoy our fitness community

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