Shannon Logan

Shannon Logan

CEO, Owner, & Founder


M.S Exercise Physiology, George Washington University

B.S. in Kinesiology, University of Maryland

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (C.S.C.S.)

CrossFit Level 2 Instructor

CrossFit Level I Instructor

CrossFit Endurance Instructor

CrossFit Gymnastic Instructor

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Instructor

CrossFit Mobility Instructor

OPEX – CCP Exercise Physiology Assessment

OPEX – CCP Program Design

OPEX – CCP Nutrition

OPEX – CCP Life Coaching

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Coach

I have known my true purpose for a long time. From being physically active from a young age to playing varsity sports in college, it became clear athletics were part of my core identity. As I grew, my spark for knowledge increased. Through undergrad, grad school, and countless certifications, health and wellness not only became a core value but a way of life. Finding CrossFit allowed me to pursue my passion, as both an athlete and a business owner. It introduced a whole new mindset of taking the impossible and making it possible. I have seen countless lives change through increased self-confidence, healthy lifestyles, and the support of the community that comes with being part of True Core. Over the last 17+ yrs in the industry Being a mom, wife, & CEO I have come to learn the personal strugless of "balance" I am blessed with the opportunity to embrace that lifestyle and feel honored to work with our members everyday.

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